Paris Hilton earns the city $200 million a year

Paris Hilton earns the city $200 million a yearAs they say, someone who works and someone earns. How to earn his millions, the owner of a huge inheritance Paris Hilton, do not have to guess.However, for lovers of secular parties own "work" and "salary" are the subject of great pride. With aplomb Hilton recently told U.S. media that year its revenues are significantly higher than the fees of most talented stars of world renown. So how many gets blonde in the law?What gets Paris Hilton can really be called a huge amount. Impressive income to bring her numerous business projects: release own line of watches, alcohol, spirits and, of course, the chain of hotels. Читать полностью -->

David Beckham and Robbie Williams will play a hilarious macho-gays

David Beckham and Robbie Williams will play a hilarious macho-gaysSinger Robbie Williams and footballer David Beckham to appear in the popular series "Desperate Housewives" as a gay couple, reports show's Creator Marc cherry really wants Beckham and Williams, who both now live in Los Angeles, played the role of pals, another "blue" couples - the new inhabitants of Wisteria lane."David and Robbie are perfect for the role of best friends and new neighbors. They can play bright eccentric couple flown in from Britain," says cherry."David is wonderful, but at first the most obvious partner for it seemed to Tom cruise, we wanted to find someone who would match him in size and would be too British, so the choice fell on Robbie. They are both hilarious macho, so that should work wonderfully," added cherry. Source: David Beckham and Robbie Williams will play a hilarious macho-gays. . . Читать полностью -->

Podolsky does not want to be loved beautiful doll

Podolsky does not want to be loved beautiful dollSinger Natalia Podolskaya told about love and parting - These feelings permeated the song she recently recorded in the Studio with his producer Victor Drobysh in Finland."The song is called "Firebird", it was created by young writers composer Sergey Aristov and poet Olga Karetnikova, - said Natalia.Ru. It is a slow and sad ballad. When I heard it for the first time, I had an ambivalent attitude towards it. The song I really liked, but it does not match my mental mood.Because now in my life is absolutely not what the song says. That is, no parting out of the question, I find the state of happy love. And yet, I still actress, singer and decided within himself that this song I play and dedicate to the people she is close to state of mind, maybe it will help them to endure a difficult period in life.". Читать полностью -->

Trauma to the groin left no chance Bridge

Trauma to the groin left no chance BridgeAttempt footballer Alexander Bridge to show itself in all its glory on the ice failed. During one of the rehearsals of "Ice age" (the First channel) the athlete was injured in the groin and refused to participate in the project.The creators of the show had to enter in a couple Tatiana Totmyanin Nikita Malinin. "Manufacturer", never in my life not standing on skates, has successfully coped with its task.I'm very good at rollerblading - confessed "Your DAY" singer. Is it me you saved my life! Otherwise I can't imagine how I would have out on the ice.TraumaThe state of health of the "outsider" Alexander's Bridge is now much better. But a week ago the poor guy had to endure shock. During the rehearsal football player fell awkwardly on the ice and the first few minutes could not get to his feet. Читать полностью -->

Paris Hilton will sing in the rock Opera

Paris Hilton will sing in the rock OperaThe secular Luca Paris Hilton sing in a futuristic rock Opera. About this unexpected creative turn in life is now suffering blondes became known immediately after the head of the Empire Hilton Barron Hilton was deprived of his granddaughter 60 million inheritance.Futuristic rock musical "Repo! The genetic Opera" tells the story of Earth the year 2056, when the human race stands on the brink of death, and survivors exist because of organ transplantation.Hilton got the role of the daughter of a tycoon who made a fortune on the sale of organs. It, in turn, will play a Hollywood actor Paul Sorvino, reports "Interfax".The musical Director Darren Lynn Bousman told that the role of the daughter of the tycoon was viewed more than 30 Actresses. But when I saw Paris, we unconditionally gave her the place in the musical because "her role is she".This is the first role Hilton after her release from prison, where she landed for 45 days for violating traffic rules.Prior to this, Paris was attended with her friend Nicole Richie in the TV reality show "the Simple life", starred in several films, particularly the horror film "House of wax" and almost autobiographical film "Blonde in chocolate", and also released a music album, which has taken in the American charts sixth place. Source: Paris Hilton will sing in the rock Opera. . Читать полностью -->

The most scandalous bruises: `black PR` stars

The most scandalous bruises: `black PR` stars What to do when your superboring been violent? For years to hide this fact, and it is possible to give an interview and instantly decided to do all the problems. What to do when you "gracefully welled up" in front of the cameras? Compassionate to tell reporters about his difficult childhood.What to do when you got caught leaving a night club with a black eye? Hint to the media that defended the beautiful stranger. And then will write about you all the leading publications in your country. And then the popularity will come back to you, and people will be pulled. And it is always so nice.Don't be surprised, but the reception is as old as our world. Even handsome Elvis from time to time resorted to such PR. Читать полностью -->

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